The History of Hassell Creek

Hassell Creek is a very real and special place, rich in history, located in Hickman County in Middle Tennessee. The Hassell family, from whom the creek took its name, settled on Hassell Creek a short time after the signing of the Indian Treaties of 1805 and 1806. This beautiful Creek is approximately 15 miles long, but the memories that have been created on or by Hassell Creek are endless. When the Indian treaties were signed, Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States and John Sevier was the Governor of the state of Tennessee. In 1805 the Third Treaty of Tellico was signed and the Cherokee Indians ceded the land in middle Tennessee north of the Duck River. In 1806 the Dearborn Treaty was signed and the Cherokee and Creek Indians ceded the land between the Duck River and the Tennessee southern boundaries. Hassell Creek Products are produced some 250 miles east of its namesake in an area that is also very rich in history. We are located in the beautiful “Great Smoky Mountains” and all of the fruit and ingredients in our Hassell Creek Products are grown right here in the Smoky Mountain area. When you try Hassell Creek Products, you will understand why we say Hassell Creek is “A biscuit’s best friend”. You can contact us at: Ridge Ranch Products 341 Brown Rd., Blaine, TN 37709 or

Amish Made

Our facility still produces jam the way your great grandmother made it.

Simple Ingredients

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure the tastiest jams and jellies.

Heirloom Recipes

We haven’t changed our recipe since the beginning. Why mess with perfection?

Local Ownership

When you purchase from us, you’re supporting a local family, not a conglomerate of stockholders.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hassell Creek is to provide a superior quality product at a price that is more than fair and very pleasing to the customer. We take pride in the quality of our products and strive for excellence and total customer satisfaction.